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ISO 27001: A Booming Trend

ISO/IEC 27001 is the best-known information security standard, providing requirements for an information
security management system (ISMS). Adopted by business and government sectors all over the world, it has
become the leading stamp of quality for information security management.
As awareness to Cyber Security increases, more companies are adopting ISO 27001 as an Information
Security framework while an increasing number of tenders and business engagements require ISO 27001
certification as a prerequisite.
According to, Israel stands at #17 in the world with 416 ISO 27001 certifications as of 2016.
More and more companies are joining this trend while advancing their acceptance in the business community and ability to compete in the world market.
Will you be one of those companies to be certified this year?

Its All About Perception

ISO 27001 is often perceived as burdensome, costly and too bureaucratic for small, technology companies
focusing their efforts and resources in penetrating new markets. Furthermore, ISO 27001 which seems to
address larger and more complex organizations is perceived as too much of an undertaking for a smaller firm fighting to increase its business and revenue.
Can ISO 27001 be applied to a small and medium sized companies at reasonable cost while boosting their
business processes rather than slowing them down?

Boost Your Business

After years of experience with many companies trying to adopt the ISO 27001 standard Maya Security has
come up with a solution tailored to the specific needs of small and medium sized companies.

Maya Security Secures Business Processes

Maya Security follows the company’s strategic goals and objectives and applies the ISO 27001 procedures
accordingly. The end result is a set of procedures that the company can fully adopt with minimal interference and maximum support to the business process.

Lower Cost

Since a small company has fewer processes and functions than a large corporation, the entire certification
process can be significantly shorter and less costly.

Boost Information Security

Maya Security works with the existing staff to increase Information Security in the company by the same
procedures that are already established by the ISO 27001 documentation.

Business Focused

Maya Security is dedicated to the application of cutting edge Cyber Security technology to the business goals and objectives.
With years of experience in the financial sectors of the U.S. and Israel, working with the private and
government sectors, Maya Security will tailor the information security solution that will advance your
company and increase its competitive edge.

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