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Facebook Breach of Trust? Really?

Facebook Breach of Trust?

So Facebook sold information relating to 50 million of its users to Cambridge Analytica.

I'm sorry to say this is not a breach of trust. We've all known that Facebook has been (and still is) collecting massive amounts of personal information on its users. We've known it sells that information to 3rd party marketing firms among others. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg as far as selling our private information goes.

By the way – what about Google? Snapchat? Cellphone providers? It has become clear that we are no longer the customer since we're not actually paying these providers.

We are the product.

Sorry for being the devil's advocate here but this is no breach of trust. We knew what was going on but turned a blind eye to it because it suited our immediate needs (of posting pictures of our cat yawning etc.). And it was free.

If you want to #DeleteFacebook – go ahead but don't tell me your trust was betrayed. you knew what was going on. You just chose to ignore it.

It's time for personal responsibility on the internet.

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