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How You Can Support Your CISO

With so much anxiety and uncertainty all around the world – this is the time your CISO needs you. Most of your staff are out of the office, either teleworking or on leave, the entire threat landscape is changing and needs to be reassessed. New workplans, procedures and awareness programs need to be written and executed. While each employee grabs a laptop and heads home to continue their work – your CISO now is looking at building a new cybersecurity program to fit the switch to teleworking.

This is when a CEO should have a serious conversation with the CISO. This is the time to actively get involved in managing the new and old risks your CISO faces. And yes – this is the time to allocate the budget needed to face the security challenge of teleworking.

Together you can keep the company safe from bad actors trying to exploit the coronavirus crisis but more importantly – prepare the company for the day after.

Whether or not CEOs and CISOs will use the forced downtime to strengthen their company’s cybersecurity will greatly determine the company’s survival chances during and after the crisis.

How else should management support its CISO?

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